Cow Project

The herd is now 26 strong and growing.

Cows are considered the sacred life-blood of the community, providing milk which is in many cases the only daily nourishment for the young and old. It is extremely rare for a woman in Kenya to own a cow, so the first 5 cows presented by Angels in Africa to the Mama's Village was quite astonishing. The women and their children took great care in raising the herd, which now numbers 26.

The Mamas labor to build a secure nighttime enclosure for the first five cows. The woven twigs and thatched roof will prevent lions and other predators from attacking. The first two female cows to arrive, Janet and Mary. You can have a cow named for someone special. It doesn’t come wrapped, or in a Tiffany box, but a photo with the personalized cowbell will be sent to the recipient of your thoughtfulness, along with the gratitude of the village mamas and children. AIA visitors are always welcome to see the progress we are making. Class photo: Amy, Janet, Big Al, Mary, and Fanda. Off for a day of grazing. The capable shepherds of our herd. Recognize the clothing you may have given in the clothes drive? Meet Big Al’s son, Bert. The herd is now 26 strong and growing.