Chicken Project

The Swahili word for chicken is "KUKU," and as an additional source of food and revenue, Angels in Africa started the "KUKU KLUB". With volunteer help, a chicken coop was designed and built. One day old chicks were bought and transferred to the village. Volunteers from Nairobi came to teach the Mamas how to feed and care for the flock. Now the children have the protein of eggs added to their diet. Mature roosters are sold to the tented camps and the money replenishes the seed, which makes this a self sustaining project. You can become a member of the KUKU KLUB for only $10 and a membership makes a great (an unusual) gift!

The house is thoroughly secured to protect the flock at night. Steven is the engineer who designed the Kuku Klub House. Everyone pitches in to set up housekeeping for the Kuku Klub. The women are taught how to keep clean water available for the kukus. The right amount of food is placed in special trays. This keeps the food sanitary and prevents waste. Every seed counts! The first batch of 100 kukus arrives. Of these, 46 males and 50 females made it to maturity! The women listen intently to the expert of the care and handling of the kukus. The first timid kuku eats at the feeder. The feeder and the drinking system obviously work as the chicks reach maturity. A happy, healthy, mature flock. Market day. The mamas are paid for their males. The females are laying eggs and reproducing. A life-sustaining cycle has been established.