What is Angels in Africa?

Angels in Africa is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing the basic life necessities to the people of Africa. By starting with food, clothing, shelter, and clean water, then adding a healthy dose of hope, education, and the tools for self-sustainability, Angels in Africa works village by village to improve life standards. We began in Kenya, just outside Kichwa Tembo, on the escarpment overlooking the Mara River.

Our first village was with a group of women and babies, who were through no fault of their own, made outcasts (death of a husband, divorce by a husband, rape by a tribal member). Otherwise left to survive on their own, these women & children would die in the wilderness. The Mamas Village was created as a safe haven for these beautiful souls. First, we gave them the basic means to survive. Next came the projects for self-sustainability: gardens, cows, chicken, and beehives. Finally, we provide tools to improve life standards: water project, learning project, potty project.

Now that we have our first sustainable village, we are ready to take on others with your help!

As you look through our images, you will see the progress we have made since 2007. Every single penny donated to Angels in Africa goes directly to village projects and supplies. No one gets a salary and there are no administration fees or office costs. Any donation towards the purchase of a cow, chickens, plants, or school supplies will make a huge difference in someone's life. A contribution towards drilling a well will make a difference in a thousand lives. Please help.